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Play Arts Kai Action Figure Jeanne & Growlanser Mini Figure Delivery Review

It is becoming a rarity for me to order anything from Playasia due to their expensive shipping tabulations based on your order total amount and weight. O what happened to the good old days when shipping was free for orders over $20USD. Anyway after 4 weeks of waiting my delivery parcel has finally arrived. Here is an overview.

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Burma Jade Pendant Delivery Review

Another jade delivery! I ordered this from a seller in Hong Kong and my delivery envelope arrived after 3 weeks of waiting time. Here is an overview of the delivery envelope.

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S.H.Figuarts Portgas D. Ace Delivery Review

This time round I will be looking at a delivery from amiami Japan. To all One Piece fans out there I dedicate this post to you, yes YOU! Without further ado, here is an overview of the delivery box which arrived after over 3 weeks of waiting.

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Feng Shui Crystal Ball Water Fountain Review

I was doing my round of weekly groceries shopping during the weekend and something caught my attention: selected indoor water fountains were at 50% off! Some of you might have remember that I got an Illuminated Tranquility Fountain previously from the same hypermarket. After carefully scrutinizing all the available choices, I finally picked a water fountain with a revolving crystal ball and LED lighting. Here is an overview of my new Feng Shui Crystal Ball Water Fountain.

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