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Jade Gourd Pendant Delivery Review

I think this is the second Jade Gourd Pendant that I bought on ebay. From experience, I have come to know that most sellers in Hong Kong and China get their goods from the same supplier and most of them use the same packing methods for delivery. Of all my deliveries some do get lost in limbo (never reached me) and most of the time the sellers are helpful and willing to resend or refund. Anyway, the delivery envelope this time took over 3 weeks to reach me and here is an overview.

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Jade Beads Bracelets Delivery Review

I got these Jade Beads Bracelets from a new seller on ebay. The strange thing about this is that when I was trying to leave feedback the seller is no longer registered on ebay. Talk about weird. Does that mean the items he sold me have issues? Well after waiting for almost 4 weeks, here is an overview of the delivery parcel. Notice how a CN22 is tied to the parcel using a string.

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Black Rock Shooter & K-On Figmas Delivery Review

It has been way too long since my last purchase of a figma figure. So to fill up that gap, today I will be reviewing my delivery of Black Rock Shooter & K-On Figmas! The Black Rock Shooter & K-On Figmas are bought from amiami Japan and delivery time frame is nearly 3 weeks. Here is an overview of the delivery box.

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Massive Quantities of Jade Amulets Delivery Review

Greetings my cherished readers and welcome to my Massive Quantities of Jade Amulets Delivery Review. I got this batch from Hong Kong, China and truth to be told, I was getting impatient for them to arrive. The delivery time frame for this batch has exceeded 5 weeks! Lucky for the seller I didn't open a dispute case for this transaction. Anyway, here is an overview of the delivery package.

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