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Robot Damashii Gundam Exia Delivery Review

After waiting for over a month, the Robot Damashii Gundam Exia that I ordered has finally arrived. The parcel was shipped around 6 December 2009 and I only received it at 8 January 2010. It must have been delayed by the long holiday period between Christmas and the new year. Here is an overview of the parcel. As you can see the parcel box has gone through its fair share of wear and tear from international delivery.

Side view of the parcel. I notice that most parcels that I got from Hong Kong use flimsy nylon strings to tie the package.

I received the parcel in this manner, with one side of the box semi opened. It might be caused by customs inspection but they should have resealed it with their own tape.

Closeup on the standard customs declaration form affixed onto the parcel.

Another thing that I notice about parcels from Hong Kong is that they opt to use conventional postage stamps to pay for the delivery. IMHO this adds a more interesting experience when you receive such parcels as the stamps are assets to stamp collectors (too bad I stopped collecting long ago).

The seller also affixed custom made fragile notices on the parcel box.

After untying the flimsy nylon strings, here is how the parcel looked like after lifting open the unsecured flaps. Good to know the seller used bubble wrap for additional protection.

Here is the Robot Damashii Gundam Exia still wrapped in bubble wrap.

The seller used 2 layers of bubble wrap to protect the Robot Damashii Gundam Exia. Kudos!

The Robot Damashii Gundam Exia package finally unwrapped.

Rear view of the package of Robot Damashii Gundam Exia.

Damage assessment time. The packaging box suffered most damage on the left side with a certain degree of depression found on the rear side of the box.

Here is another view of the left side of the packaging of the Robot Damashii Gundam Exia.

Closeup on the actual figure of Robot Damashii Gundam Exia.

Damashii actually means soul/spirit so this line of highly articulated action figures from Bandai can also be referred to as Robot Spirits.

All in all this package arrived in an acceptable condition but it could have been improved greatly if the seller opt for harder cardboard box.

My Love For Life experience review rating for Robot Damashii Gundam Exia delivery: 3/5

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GHD NG 1/100 Serpent Custom Gundam Model Kit Assembly Video Review

As a followup to the GHD NG 1/100 Serpent Custom model kit, here is the assembly video of it. I needed to scrape off a lot of access plastic from most of the parts so that they would fit better. I applied some super glue on both the hands joint as they tend to fall off quite easily. Anyway do enjoy the assembly video.

My Love For Life Review

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How To Seduce A Woman Video Review

I was browsing through some music videos on Youtube and came across a rather interesting video clip entitled "How To Seduce A Woman". A lot of commentators left negative comments about how the video is a lot of bull**** but after watching it and thinking things over I do believe the tips highlighted in the video have some truths in them. Here is the video in question:

How To Seduce A Woman

In summary, the video states that in order to successfully seduce a woman one will need:
-Love Declaration
-Commitment Declaration
-Secluded Spot
-Self Deprecation
-Physically strenuous or anxiety-producing activity
-Eye contact

I like the way how the video is made by using cartoon bunny rabbits to convey the tips in a non offensive way to the viewers.

My Love For Life Video review rating for How To Seduce A Woman: 3.5/5

My Love For Life Review

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GHD NG 1/100 Serpent Custom Runners Painting

Remember the other day we took a closer look at the runners of the GHD NG 1/100 Serpent Custom and how crappy they turn out to be? Well as a remedy to the defects of the runners I have spray painted them using spray paint.

Here is a general view of how I hang the spray painted runners on the clothesline to dry them.

I have spray painted the runner for the railgun using metallic silver.

I have chosen to spray paint the armor parts with metallic gold.

As for the main body parts, I spray painted them wit milky white.

Here is the runner containing parts for the head, hands and miscellaneous parts for the backpack and torso spray painted in metallic gold.

The runner for the gatling guns spray painted in metallic silver.

Here is my spray painting area: basically a cement floor which I have covered with old newspaper. Notice the residue spray paint on the newspaper.

There are some parts which I have left unsprayed: the missile parts in the shoulders...

... and the red pieces on the shoulder armors.

I will be covering the actual assembly process in the next post. Stay tuned!

My Love For Life Review

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