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Spiderman 3 Movie Review

Here is one of the movies I have been eagerly anticipating to watch: Spiderman 3. It was released in the cinemas on May 4, 2007 breaking most of the opening weekend records internationally. Directed by Sam Raimi, Spiderman 3 stars Tobey Maguire reprising his role as Peter Parker/Spiderman.

Spiderman 3 picks up the storyline left behind in Spiderman 2, Peter now more in charge of his life and his relationship with Mary Jane (Kristen Dunst). But his relationship with Harry Osborn (James Franco) is strained due to the fact that Harry thought it was Spiderman who murdered his father. Spiderman 3 features more great action scenes and more bad guys with the introduction of Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church) who eventually becomes The Sandman and Eddie Brock, Jr. (Topher Grace) who transforms into Venom.

Spiderman 3 is a great movie for all to watch. Whether you are an existing Spiderman fan or not, Spiderman 3 comes highly recommended.

Spiderman 3 Trailer

7 Minutes Of Great Action Scenes From Spiderman 3

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 5/5

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River Queen Movie Review

River Queen was released in the cinemas in New Zealand in 2005. This New Zealand film is directed by Vincent Ward and received mixed reviews from critics during its opening.

Set in 1868 New Zealand, River Queen centers around a young Irish woman, Sarah trapped in between her love of a man and war of the British and Maori during the British colonization campaign of New Zealand. Things get complicated as Sarah is impregnated by a Maori man and eventually gives birth to a son.

River Queen starts off pretty boring and confusing but slowly gains momentum. It is a passable action, adventure and drama movie but do not have high expectations before watching or you will be disappointed.

River Queen Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5

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The Contractor Movie Review

The Contractor was released on DVD on July 10, 2007. Directed by Josef Rusnak, The Contractor is an action movie filmed on location in Bulgaria and the United Kingdom.

Starring Wesley Snipes as a contract assassin for the CIA, The Contractor tells the story of how James Dial (Wesley Snipes) got betrayed by the CIA during his mission in the United Kingdom. There he is wanted by the British Police and the FBI.

The action scenes are mainly based on the gun fire conflicts between Wesley Snipes and his pursuers. The Contractor is a passable action movie. Watch it if you absolutely have nothing better to do with your time.

The Contractor Movie Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5

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Kelly Rowland: Ms. Kelly Music Review

Kelly Rowland (Kelendria Trene Rowland, D. O.B. February 11, 1981) is releasing her second solo album titled Ms. Kelly on July 3, 2007. The first single of the album Ms. Kelly, Like This featuring rapper Eve has garnered positive reactions from fans pushing it into the top ten of the UK Singles Chart.

Kelly Rowland has contributed alot herself into writing the tracks of Ms. Kelly. With a mixture of up tempo and sentimental R&B musical arrangements, Ms. Kelly showcases more excellent vocal performances from Kelly Rowland that fans have come to love ever since she started her solo career.

Here is the complete track listing from Ms. Kelly:

1 "Like This" (featuring Eve) 3:35
2 "Comeback" 3:26
3 "Ghetto" (featuring Snoop Dogg) 2:55
4 "Work (Put It in)" 3:28
5 "Flashback" 4:21
6 "Every Thought Is You" 3:56
7 "The Show" (featuring Tank) 3:36
8 "Interlude" 1:00
9 "Still in Love with My Ex" 3:38
10 "Love" 3:51
11 "Better Without You" 3:57
12 "This Is Love" 4:46
13 "Gotsta Go (Part I)" (featuring Da Brat) [European bonus track] 3:46

My favorites from Ms. Kelly include Like This, Comeback, Work, Flashback, Every Thought Is You, The Show, Love, This Is Love and Gotsta Go (Part I).

Like This



Work (Put It In)


Every Thought Is You

The Show

Still In Love With My Ex


Better Without You

This Is Love

Gotsta Go (Part I)

My Love For Life Music Review Rating: 3/5

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Pathfinder Movie Review

Pathfinder was released in the cinemas on April 13, 2007. Its subsequent DVD release is scheduled to be on July 31, 2007.

Pathfinder is an action-adventure movie telling the tale of the conflict between the brutal Vikings and the Native Americans. It follows the life of a young viking boy who was the sole survivor of a Viking shipwreck who got stranded at the shore of Native America.

The boy got taken in to a nearby Native American tribe and there he spent 15 years of his life until the Vikings came and massacred his entire tribe. He barely escaped from the Vikings with his life when he was rescued by a neighbouring tribe.

Pathfinder contains brutal violence and hence it is not suitable for young audiences. Pathfinder is a good action-adventure movie with a subtle romantic tale thrown in the mix.

Pathfinder Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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Free Jimmy Movie Review

Free Jimmy was released in the cinemas on March 17, 2006. Free Jimmy is the first computer animated film from Norway and is Norway's second most expensive movie to date (16 Million USD).

Written and directed by Norwegian Christopher Nielsen, Free Jimmy has a running time of approximately 80 minutes. With vocal talents from Woody Harrelson, Kyle MacLachlan, Simon Pegg and Jay Simpson among others, Free Jimmy puts a more darker and mature tune to the generic computer animated feature film genre.

Free Jimmy tells the tale of an elephant, Jimmy who was drugged so that he can be controlled by his handlers in the circus. The plot thickens as smugglers stashed stolen drugs surgically into Jimmy and a few desperate parties try hard to get their hands on Jimmy.

Free Jimmy is intended for a more mature audience. It has an interesting art direction which is a diversion from the normal cute and cuddly on screen characters from mainstream CGI movies.

Free Jimmy Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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Happily N'Ever After Movie Review

Happily N'Ever After was released in the cinemas on January 5, 2007. Based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, Happily N'Ever After is a computer animated film that brings a different plot twist to the original story plots.

With a strong cast of vocal talents such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Sigourney Weaver and Michael McShane, Happily N'Ever After mixes the original fairy tales together tilting the scale of their respective happy ending towards a more evil outlook.

The plot of Happily N'Ever After seems a bit generic ala Shrek and Hoodwinked but nevertheless will appeal to the younger audiences. Happily N'Ever After is a passable CGI movie to watch for the whole family but it is no Shrek.

Happily N'Ever After Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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The Astronaut Farmer Movie Review

The Astronaut Farmer was released in the cinemas on February 23, 2007. It stars Billy Bob Thornton, Virginia Madsen, Max Thieriot, Bruce Dern and J. K. Simmons among others.

The Astronaut Farmer tells the story about one farmer's dream (Billy Bob Thornton) to build his own rocket ship and go into space and back again. He faced alot of opposition from the U. S. government and from his town residents along the way and a near fatal accident during his impromptu launch. But with the love and support from his family, he eventually rose above his adversities and realised his dream.

The Astronaut Farmer is a great movie. It showcases the human spirit of how we must endure and presevere against all odds to keep moving forward and never give up on our dreams.

The Astronaut Farmer Movie Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 4/5

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Amerie: Because I Love It Music Review

Amerie has released her third studio album titled "Because I Love It" on May 14, 2007 in the United Kingdom. Because I Love It is slated to be released in the U. S. on August 21, 2007.

Following the huge success of her previous albums All I Have (2002) and Touch (2005), Amerie Mi Marie Rogers (D. O. B. January 12, 1980) will bring more of the R&B goodness in Because I Love It. Interesting facts: Amerie's dad is african American and her mom is Korean. Her first language used to be Korean before she moved to the U. S.

Here is the complete track listing of Because I Love It:

1 "Forecast (Intro)" Chris & Drop 1:12
2 "Hate2LoveU" One Up co-produced by Amerie and Len Nicholson 3:13
3 "Some Like It" Amerie Len Nicholson additional production by Quran Goodman & Destro 2:57
4 "Make Me Believe" Amerie Len Nicholson The Buchanans 3:22
5 "Take Control" Mike Caren additional production by Cee-Lo Green, Amerie and Len Nicholson 3:42
6 "Gotta Work" One Up 3:10
7 "Crush" The Buchanans 3:40
8 "Crazy Wonderful" The Buchanans 3:49
9 "That's What U R" Chris & Drop 3:38
10 "When Loving U Was Easy" Curtis "C Note" Richardson 3:22
11 "Paint Me Over" Bink! additional production by Amerie 4:14
12 "Somebody up There" Bryan Michael Cox 4:46
13 "All Roads" Curtis C Note Richardson 3:08
14 "1 Thing" Rich Harrison 4:01
15 "Losing U" Kore & Bellek 3:26

My favorites in Because I Love It include Some Like It, Make Me Believe, Take Control, Gotta Work, Crush, Crazy Wonderful, When Loving U Was Easy, Paint Me Over, Somebody up There and All Roads.


Some Like It

Take Control

Gotta Work


Crazy Wonderful

That's What U R

Paint Me Over

All Roads

My Love For Life Music Review Rating: 3/5

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Norbit Movie Review

Norbit is a comedy movie starring Eddie Murphy in which he plays three leading roles. Norbit was released in the cinemas on February 9, 2007. The movie also stars Marlon Wayans, Cuba Gooding, Jr, Eddie Griffin and Thandie Newton.

Norbit follows the life of an orphan, Norbit, of how he was abandoned by his parents at an orphanage/Chinese restaurant owned by Mr. Wong. The movie portrays Norbit as he grew up in the orphanage and how he got entangled with the massively overweight Rasputia, of whom he married under circumstantial consequences. Later, Norbit encountered his childhood sweetheart Kate (Thandie Newton) and eventually broke free from the iron claw crutches of Rasputia and her three bully brothers.

Norbit is the 7th movie which Eddie Murphy has played multiple roles in. I am very much impressed with his performance as Mr. Wong in Norbit. Mr Wong's character in the movie is very hilarious though some of his wise cracking jokes might be offensive. All and all, Norbit is a good comedy to watch to spend an evening with.

Norbit Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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