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Amerie: Because I Love It Music Review

Amerie has released her third studio album titled "Because I Love It" on May 14, 2007 in the United Kingdom. Because I Love It is slated to be released in the U. S. on August 21, 2007.

Following the huge success of her previous albums All I Have (2002) and Touch (2005), Amerie Mi Marie Rogers (D. O. B. January 12, 1980) will bring more of the R&B goodness in Because I Love It. Interesting facts: Amerie's dad is african American and her mom is Korean. Her first language used to be Korean before she moved to the U. S.

Here is the complete track listing of Because I Love It:

1 "Forecast (Intro)" Chris & Drop 1:12
2 "Hate2LoveU" One Up co-produced by Amerie and Len Nicholson 3:13
3 "Some Like It" Amerie Len Nicholson additional production by Quran Goodman & Destro 2:57
4 "Make Me Believe" Amerie Len Nicholson The Buchanans 3:22
5 "Take Control" Mike Caren additional production by Cee-Lo Green, Amerie and Len Nicholson 3:42
6 "Gotta Work" One Up 3:10
7 "Crush" The Buchanans 3:40
8 "Crazy Wonderful" The Buchanans 3:49
9 "That's What U R" Chris & Drop 3:38
10 "When Loving U Was Easy" Curtis "C Note" Richardson 3:22
11 "Paint Me Over" Bink! additional production by Amerie 4:14
12 "Somebody up There" Bryan Michael Cox 4:46
13 "All Roads" Curtis C Note Richardson 3:08
14 "1 Thing" Rich Harrison 4:01
15 "Losing U" Kore & Bellek 3:26

My favorites in Because I Love It include Some Like It, Make Me Believe, Take Control, Gotta Work, Crush, Crazy Wonderful, When Loving U Was Easy, Paint Me Over, Somebody up There and All Roads.


Some Like It

Take Control

Gotta Work


Crazy Wonderful

That's What U R

Paint Me Over

All Roads

My Love For Life Music Review Rating: 3/5

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