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Spiderman 3 Movie Review

Here is one of the movies I have been eagerly anticipating to watch: Spiderman 3. It was released in the cinemas on May 4, 2007 breaking most of the opening weekend records internationally. Directed by Sam Raimi, Spiderman 3 stars Tobey Maguire reprising his role as Peter Parker/Spiderman.

Spiderman 3 picks up the storyline left behind in Spiderman 2, Peter now more in charge of his life and his relationship with Mary Jane (Kristen Dunst). But his relationship with Harry Osborn (James Franco) is strained due to the fact that Harry thought it was Spiderman who murdered his father. Spiderman 3 features more great action scenes and more bad guys with the introduction of Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church) who eventually becomes The Sandman and Eddie Brock, Jr. (Topher Grace) who transforms into Venom.

Spiderman 3 is a great movie for all to watch. Whether you are an existing Spiderman fan or not, Spiderman 3 comes highly recommended.

Spiderman 3 Trailer

7 Minutes Of Great Action Scenes From Spiderman 3

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 5/5

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