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Kelly Rowland: Ms. Kelly Music Review

Kelly Rowland (Kelendria Trene Rowland, D. O.B. February 11, 1981) is releasing her second solo album titled Ms. Kelly on July 3, 2007. The first single of the album Ms. Kelly, Like This featuring rapper Eve has garnered positive reactions from fans pushing it into the top ten of the UK Singles Chart.

Kelly Rowland has contributed alot herself into writing the tracks of Ms. Kelly. With a mixture of up tempo and sentimental R&B musical arrangements, Ms. Kelly showcases more excellent vocal performances from Kelly Rowland that fans have come to love ever since she started her solo career.

Here is the complete track listing from Ms. Kelly:

1 "Like This" (featuring Eve) 3:35
2 "Comeback" 3:26
3 "Ghetto" (featuring Snoop Dogg) 2:55
4 "Work (Put It in)" 3:28
5 "Flashback" 4:21
6 "Every Thought Is You" 3:56
7 "The Show" (featuring Tank) 3:36
8 "Interlude" 1:00
9 "Still in Love with My Ex" 3:38
10 "Love" 3:51
11 "Better Without You" 3:57
12 "This Is Love" 4:46
13 "Gotsta Go (Part I)" (featuring Da Brat) [European bonus track] 3:46

My favorites from Ms. Kelly include Like This, Comeback, Work, Flashback, Every Thought Is You, The Show, Love, This Is Love and Gotsta Go (Part I).

Like This



Work (Put It In)


Every Thought Is You

The Show

Still In Love With My Ex


Better Without You

This Is Love

Gotsta Go (Part I)

My Love For Life Music Review Rating: 3/5

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