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Revoltech Johannes Krauser II and SR Drossel Delivery Review

Here comes my delivery review of one of the classic revoltech releases from the Detroit Metal City series. I got the postal notice after 3 weeks of waiting for my order to arrive from Hong Kong. Here is an overview of the delivery box.

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Estuaries: Scenes of Transition Poster Delivery Review

I ordered my copird of Estuaries: Scenes of Transition poster on the US EPA website and it arrived after 4 weeks. Here is an overview of the envelope parcel.

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Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru Delivery Review

I was browsing the classifieds section of my regular forum and came across someone who was selling off some of his collectible figures. He was selling off his Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru for less than half the original price. It was stated that the condition of the item was rated 8/10 so without asking for actual pictures of the Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru I confirmed my purchase with the seller. My first mistake there. Well the seller sent me a shipping notification and after 20 days I was anxious to find out why my item has not reached me yet.

So off I went to the post office only to find out that the seller has used surface/seal mail to deliver my item. I was told that ETA was over a month. Sure enough, after waiting for over 5 weeks I finally got the postal collection notice. Honestly speaking, I wasn't pleased at all when I got my hands on the package. Just check out the overview yourself.

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Fujiko Mine Dress-Up Prize Figure and Tamiya Paint Supplies Delivery Review

It has been a while since I last ordered anything from HLJ. To be honest, I only order from HLJ if they have something that interest me in their clearance section AND they offer free/discounted shipping. But lately, it has become quite a hassle dealing with customs when using EMS so now SAL is my only preferred shipping method. For this delivery, HLJ charged shipping at 70% discount no matter what kind of shipping method. I choose SAL of course to avoid the hassle of dealing with customs. Here is an overview of my delivery box.

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