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Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru Delivery Review

I was browsing the classifieds section of my regular forum and came across someone who was selling off some of his collectible figures. He was selling off his Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru for less than half the original price. It was stated that the condition of the item was rated 8/10 so without asking for actual pictures of the Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru I confirmed my purchase with the seller. My first mistake there. Well the seller sent me a shipping notification and after 20 days I was anxious to find out why my item has not reached me yet.

So off I went to the post office only to find out that the seller has used surface/seal mail to deliver my item. I was told that ETA was over a month. Sure enough, after waiting for over 5 weeks I finally got the postal collection notice. Honestly speaking, I wasn't pleased at all when I got my hands on the package. Just check out the overview yourself.

Diagonal side view of the parcel.

Closeup on the By Sea (Surface) delivery sticker label.

After unwrapping the outer layer of brown paper, this is how the parcel looks like.

The seller had used a McVities Digestives box as the delivery box. This kind of box offers no added structural firmness to prevent squashing damage and thus the horrible condition of the parcel.

Upon emptying the contents I found 3 pieces of crumpled miscellaneous promo brochures as buffer material.

Here it is, the box of Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru. Notice the major depression on the left side.

Rear view of the box of Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru.

Side view of the box of Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru. This clearly shows the extent of the damage done.

Closeup on the top flap of the box of Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru.

This is one of those bad experiences of getting a poorly packed delivery. There is nothing much I can do about it now but to salvage what I got on hand and hope that the actual Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru is in "acceptable" condition.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Revoltech Fraulein Asahina Mikuru Delivery Review: 1/5

My Love For Life Review

1 Life quote shouts:

Anonymous said...

at least you still received the parcel.. I experienced NOT receiving anything at all. Either it wasn't sent in the first place or magically disappear in the post office...

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