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Fujiko Mine Dress-Up Prize Figure and Tamiya Paint Supplies Delivery Review

It has been a while since I last ordered anything from HLJ. To be honest, I only order from HLJ if they have something that interest me in their clearance section AND they offer free/discounted shipping. But lately, it has become quite a hassle dealing with customs when using EMS so now SAL is my only preferred shipping method. For this delivery, HLJ charged shipping at 70% discount no matter what kind of shipping method. I choose SAL of course to avoid the hassle of dealing with customs. Here is an overview of my delivery box.

HLJ's packing box is quite sturdy and durable compared to other international sellers which I have experienced before.
Closeup on the shipping label with integrated customs declaration form CN22.

Open box shot reveals very efficient shrink wrap packing stabilized by a piece of hard cardboard paper underneath.
Here is the bundle of shrink wrap out of the delivery box. Notice how the individual paint containers are bubble wrapped independently.
This side of the shrink wrap bundle shows the rear view of the Fujiko Mine Dress-Up Prize Figure.
Overview of delivery and contents.

All in all I am quite pleased with this delivery from HLJ. I just hope they will offer discounts/free SAL shipping in the future.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Fujiko Mine Dress-Up Prize Figure and Tamiya Paint Supplies Delivery Review: 4/5

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