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HLJ Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam Delivery Review

After waiting for slightly over 2 weeks, my order of Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam has finally arrived. The postman dropped off the shipping notice in my mailbox and I had to go to the post office to collect it myself. This has happened a lot these days, instead of delivering the actual parcel the postman will just send you the shipping notice. I do not see why they would inconvenience people using that arrangement especially when the parcel has been released from the customs department.

Anyway here is an overview of my parcel box. Kudos to HLJ for keeping up their high standards of packing.

The parcel box is made of hard cardboard and it is adequate to protect the items inside from normal delivery rough handling. But from the following picture, the slight dents from the right is caused by stacking heavy items on top of the parcel box.

HLJ uses reliable seals for all their shipments. The seal tapes are made of tough paper and coated with a layer of water resistant film.

Here is a closeup on the shipping label. I like how they use the term "Rush to:" instead of the normal "To:" and also the footer note which states "Extremely Fragile! Handle with Care!"

There is a standard Small Packet SAL stamp label on the package. I always opt for SAL shipping to keep my shipment cost down.

The stamp label from the Tatebayashi post office in Japan.

Malaysian Customs department stamp label which indicates the parcel was released on 10 December 2009.

Open box overview. As you can see I ordered not one but two Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundams. I will be keeping one for myself and the other is for my friend Thaddeus.

High standard HLJ packing wrapped with plastic and secured with a cardboard base to prevent movement during shipment.

Bottom side view of the Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundams still wrapped in plastic.

Right side view of the Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundams still wrapped in plastic.

Overview of the parcel box with the contents.

A closeup on the back of the Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam.

Front view of the Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam.

Rear view of the Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam.

I am quite pleased with the delivery package of the Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam from HLJ. The only downside comes from the local post office which instead of delivering the parcel straight to addressee, they require you to make a trip down and collect it from them.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for HLJ Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam Delivery: 4/5

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GHD NG 1/100 Serpent Custom Runners Information

This time we will be looking at the runners of the GHD NG 1/100 Serpent Custom. Here is an open box overview of the GHD Serpent Custom.

A content overview of the GHD Serpent Custom.

The polycaps runners for the joints to enable posability.

Runner containing parts for the bazooka canon.

Runners for the high powered rail gun.

The only multi colored runner containing parts for the head, torso, upper arms and upper legs.

Runner containing the figures of Relena Peacecraft and Mariemaia Khushrenada.

Runner containing parts for the backpack, shoulders and feet.

Runner containing parts for the legs.

Runners containing parts for the shoulders, chest and lower arms.

Runner containing parts for the dual gatling guns.

Foil sticker sheet.

Sticker for the square mono eye of the Serpent Custom.

This is the pile of runners for the GHD Serpent Custom.

The molds for the parts contain defects as you can see in the following closeup shot.

Another molding defect on the booster part for the backpack.

I think I will have to embark on another first time experience so that the completed model will look better: spray painting. Hopefully the molding defects can be covered up by the paint and the completed model will have a better appearance.

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World's Largest Water Fountain Review

I took this video during my previous business trip to Singapore. The World's Largest Water Fountain is located in Suntec City, Singapore and it is designed to be a Feng Shui enhancer for the area. I managed to catch one of the laser light shows with my sis that evening and the following video captures the 2 minutes plus duration of the complete show.

World's Largest Water Fountain

It is a good experience for me but I think the laser light show is a bit over rated. My Love For Life experience review rating for World's Largest Water Fountain: 3/5

My Love For Life Review

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The Hangover Movie Review

I'm going through my TV series phase. And just when I'm starting to really dig Mad Men, they're off for the season. Argh.

Out of absolute boredom the other day, I went through my DVD collection and decided to pop in The Hangover. To tell you the truth, I wasn't that hopeful as any comedy post-Harold & Kumar would just pale in comparison to well, Harold & Kumar.

The Hangover movie trailer

Man, was I wrong! The Hangover was side-splittingly hilarious from beginning to end. The story is about 4 guys who were on a trip to Vegas for a bachelor's party. After waking up absolutely wasted the next morning, they discovered that the groom-to-be was missing. The movie is about them tracking down the groom's whereabouts as they have no recollection whatsoever about what took place the night before. Keep an eye out for Dr. Ken! Man, I almost passed out laughing.

My Love For Life Movie Review rating for The Hangover: 4.9/5.0

My Love For Life Review

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Tip Toe of Miri Community

I am currently studying in Skudai, Johor and sometimes I can’t help but to get home sick… how home sick?

1. Miri LAND itself can be quite a home sick reason for me.

Jalan Dato Permaisuri, place where my dad has been waiting for me and my sis when we get off school for almost 2 decades.

I miss walking to the market by myself.
I miss walking pass my ex-schools (kindergarten, primary and secondary).
I miss the time when I know even if I am by myself, I do not have to worry about my safety because this is my spot; my place; my home town.

2. Food and Beverages are an umph! In Miri.

Even if the food is pricy but it is undeniable we have one of the bestest food ever; Kolok mee!

I miss the time when anywhere I go in Miri, I will be able to find a Kolok Mee stall.
I miss the time when “中国茶冰” (Iced China Tea) is not “唐朝茶冰” (Iced Dynasty Tea).
I miss the time when we can find Foo Chow dishes everywhere (I love the Zao Cai Hong Gan!)
I miss the time when I know I do not have to worry about food because my dad will prepare it for me; for sure!

3. Easy access of vehicle

Hillside Garden? I need to pass here almost every time I want to go out ^^”

I miss the time when I can say “Let’s go eat rojak beside Sin Liang” any time I want to my sister.
I miss the time I don’t have to wait for a very long time for the bus to come.
I miss the time I do not have to worry about paying for the tol money.
I miss the time I can buy groceries anytime I want without waiting for weekend bus.
I miss the time I don’t have to depend on others…

4. Relaxing Moments.... ah, life = enjoy

Taman Awam; we used to go here for rojak and ice kacang too

I miss the time when I don’t have to worry about my assignment.
I miss the time when I barely have anything to do but to pig myself out; eat, sleep, shower.
I miss the fact that I have my dad to count on when I locked myself out of the room.
I miss the hot shower early in the morning.

And etcetera etcera more reasons~

Most of you probably wonder as you read along… what the heck is MIRI?!

Oh.. Miri.. where art thou?

That’s pretty common because Miri isn’t the capital city of Sarawak but just another city among the other 9 major cities.

There was once upon a time when I was chatting with my friends and kept on mentioning the word Miri… in the end my friend asked me, “What is Miri?”. Kuching, they probably know lar.

Definition of Miri by me!

1. Miri = Oil + Gas

Miri is pronounced as Me-ree or 美里 in Chinese and it was first being officially introduced as the small town located beside Brunei that produces oil & gas but all these resources are exported to you-know-where and we hardly get any benefits from it *inserts a care-free whistling smiley here*

Recently, it has been upgraded to a resort city! (May 1st 2005? Seriously, I’m getting older by days)

2. It has a city flower which I never knew about it until recently

“Flower, what flower?”

It has an official flower which was unknown to me until I find it out from this blogging contest and what was its name again? Periwinkle

The flower that I always see at my aunt’s house but never knew it was Miri’s City Flower (I didn’t even know we have such thing called City Flower before this, hahahahahaha)

This is probably the reason why they are planting these flowers all over Miri City… however I have never been bothered to take pics of it since it is too common in Miri (I'm just lazy).

3. Our city’s official animal symbol is a seahorse

Is there any seahorse in here?

Usually when you go around Kuching, you get to see many cats around because Kuching sounds like Kucing which means Cat in Bahasa Malaysia.

In Miri, we have sea horse but trust me, even after almost 21 years living in here; I don’t really understand why did we get a sea horse as our City’s Animal Symbol.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that you can catch sea horse here (can you?) but nowaday the price of the seafood has risen up… less protein from food source; time to get A-Z vitamin supplement.

But, you can always drive to Bintulu since fishes there are much cheaper! However, after deducting the price you’re paying for the petrol and considering the price of the whole bucket of fishes … let’s just say you got a free trip and the price was more or less the same as the fish price in Miri.

4. We have internet connection

Right outside my house

Well, you see… if you’re not a fellow mirian (aka foreigners) or someone that lives in the West Malaysia; Miri is a green place despite being a resort city and yes, we do live on top of the tree; swinging from trees to trees.

In order to connect to the internet, you need to do the following steps:

1. Unplug the desktop and also monitor from the tree branch
2. Pack everything into your back pack along with your solar power supply
3. Look through your binocular to find the tallest tree
4. Swiiiiing~ from tree to tree to reach that tree (Shoot woo~aa~~wooo while you do that for more.. tarzan feel; if you’re a Jane, please ask Tarzan to bring the PC)
5. Setup your computer on the tree top and remember to plugin the solar power supply
6. Boot your pc up and connect to the wireless internet
7. Wala!~

However, do keep in mind that all these can only be done on a blue blue day when the sun is still on the sky.

P/s: I take no responsibility over anything, thank you.

I typed this post on top of the “tree” (Wooden Chair) for the Miri Community’s Blogging Contest ^^

5. No Tesco/Jusco/Carrefour; Yes Servay/E-mart/Boulevard/Parkson/Giant

The old market near the fish market

Dear Someone,

If you ever visit Miri; not to visit the cave or what and just go shopping, please be reminded that Miri has no those large chain stores where you can buy cheaper groceries.

It seems that somehow most of the businesses in Miri has been taken over by a certain company including the shopping complex.

However, if you want those chained fashion shops such as Echo Park, Vincci etc etc.. you can always drop by Bintang Mega Mall located beside the public clinic. Our cinema, bowling alley and also archery shop is located at there too. The third floor is like a mini-lowyat except that the price is higher.

If you wanted to buy groceries, please visit Boulevard but any BIG BIG shops in Miri would not give you a plastic bag on Sunday so you need to bring your own. Boulevard has less people on Saturday night and more people on Sunday (free paper boxes instead of the usual plastic bags!).

Other than that, you can occassionally drop by at Servay (Location: Taman Tunku, Morsjaya, Pelita Commercial Centre) to buy your groceries too if you live nearby and if you’re going to the Morsjaya branch, please try out the mee goreng kering at the malay shop beside the Ma Baker; it is umph!

If you are from the ang moh places (Western Countries) and you want to try out the “fruit from the jungle” (once being told by the foreigner when he was requesting for it), please go to the BIG BIG market located beside the main bus stop.

Any further enquiries? Like top food stall? Or must try food? Just try kolok mee and it will be sufficient.

Beloved Naki.

P/s: Please please please let me win the blogging competition! I want dehhh monehh to buy stuff =X

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City In The Mist

I woke up this morning as usual around 5:45AM for my morning ritual. I then went outside the house around 6:10AM to pickup the morning papers only to find the house shrouded in dense mist! To verify it was mist instead of haze, I took a couple of deep breathes and sense no foul smell of smoke.

At around 7:15AM I started driving to work and the mist was still dense throughout the city. I managed to take some photographic evidence of the heavy mist within the city and here they are for your viewing purposes:

This was taken right outside my front gates, if you look carefully you can see Vicky the dog standing in the middle of the road.

Visibility on the road was down to less than 100 meters.
I noticed a lot of drivers and motorcyclists did not turn on their lights as a safety measure but I did: better to be safe than sorry!
Visibility here at the first traffic light junction that I encountered was very low.
Luckily there were not many vehicles on the road at that time.
It is best to drive cautiously under these conditions.
Hence driving slowly with a max speed of 60KM/HR is a good practice.

Visibility at the city center was slightly better. This might be due to the buildings obstructing the mist somehow.

This was where visibility started to deteriorate back to low levels.

The mist was especially dense at the hillside areas.

This final picture showing the sun blocked by the mist is the pinnacle of my photographic evidence.

Truth to be told, I was glad that it was mist instead of haze this time. My Love For Life Experience review rating for City In The Mist: 3/5

My Love For Life Review

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