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Limited Figma Reika Delivery Review

After months of hunting down for my limited Figma Reika I had finally acquired her through the help of an online acquaintance. He helped me to purchase from Amazon Japan and send the parcel to me via SAL. The SAL parcel arrived after 2 weeks since posting date and here is an overview of it.

Right side view of the parcel showing the Amazon trademark smile logo.

Bottom side view of the parcel showing the url of Amazon Japan.

An ink stamp from the customs department showing that the parcel was released on... can't make out the date from the missing figures.

Standard green customs declaration label.

Postage stamp. The Japan post office just ink stamp on a piece of white paper and affix it to the parcel using cello tape.

Underside view of the parcel. The parcel box was in a flimsy state when I received it and the clear cello tape sealing it was barely holding in place.

Box open shot. Good thing Amazon pack the same way as HLJ: seal the items in clear plastic backed by a hard cardboard and affix it to the packing box via packing glue.

After removing (gently prying off the sealed package off the glue) the contents, traces of the glue can be seen at the base of the parcel box.

Closeup of the glue residue.

Rear view of the sealed package.

Closeup on the glue residue on the sealed package.

Overview of the sealed packet. Good to know that my items are unharmed. And yes, instead of one I ordered two limited Figma Reika.

Bottom side view of my items.

Overview of my Figma Reika outer boxes.

Frontal view of my Figma Reika outer boxes.

Open box view.

Frontal view of my Figma Reika box.

Rear view of my Figma Reika box.

Side by side comparison of the outer protective box and the Figma Reika box.

Closeup shot of Figma Reika.

I am very pleased with the delivery of my limited Figma Reika figures. They are too precious to take out from the box for now so I will keep them sealed until I can no longer fight off the urge to unbox her and review her thoroughly ^^.

My Love For Life Limited Figma Reika Delivery Review rating: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

1 Life quote shouts:

Borneo Falcon said...

The box looks perfect

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