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Death Race Movie Review

I watched Death Race with my boo yesterday because she was interested in the movie. Death Race is an action sci-fi set in the not too distant future featuring racing machines tricked out with defensive armor and offensive gattling guns and rockets that turn other opponents into piles of scrap metal. Being heralded as being a "super violent" movie, I was surprised why Death Race seemed interesting to watch to my boo as usually she gets put off by this genre of movies.

I soon found my answer when Natalie Martinez made her sexy grand appearance as Case in Death Race. Case is the navigator for Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) posing as the infamous masked driver known as Frankenstein. My boo was a fan of Natalie Martinez when she played the role of Michelle Miller in Fashion House. There is subtle on screen chemistry between Ames and Martinez which was played out nicely in Death Race. The performance of Statham as Ames is believable as he brings his signature "less words more action" charisma to life in Death Race.

Death Race Movie Trailer

Natalie Martinez on Death Race

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating for Death Race: 3/5

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army Movie Review

I watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army yesterday on Christmas Day because someone told me it is a good movie to spend Christmas at home with. I was plesantly surprised how the movie started during Christmas too but in the year 1954, centering on a bedtime story told to a very young Hellboy by his adoptive father about the origins of the indestructable Golden Army.

Not to get into the plot too deep to avoid spoiling the movie for you guys who haven't seen it yet, Hellboy II is a grandure mixture of masterful application of cinematography effects and computer generated imagery. The character development of Hellboy and his girlfriend Elizabeth Anne Sherman (female human torch anyone?) brings brief emotional drama which compliments the extreme on screen.

I have to admit that when I first saw Princess Nuala on screen I was 99% sure that she was played by Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal). So when the credits rolled I paused it to verify it. I was surprised Princess Nuala was not played by Calista but by Anna Walton. Check it out for yourself guys and let me know what you think:

calista flockhart, ally mcbeal, princess nuala, hellboy 2
see famous look-a-like faces

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating for Hellboy II: The Golden Army: 4/5

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Akon: Freedom Music Review

Do you know who Aliaune Thiam is? Most probably won't but when you mention his stage name I am sure some of you will be singing the tune "Lonely I'm so lonely, I have nobody, to call my own..." it's Akon! Akon is derived from "a con" the short form of "a convict". With a major influence from his time in the slammer (you have probably heard the jail door slamming sound effect in some of Akon's tracks), Akon's musical direction focus on the life of a convict (or in his case, ex-convict).

Akon's third studio album titled Freedom was released on December 2, 2008. After my first time listening through the entire album I knew Freedom is destined to be topping the music charts. With catchy hip hop tunes that grow on you with every listen like the first single "Right Now (Na Na Na)" Akon continues to impress me with his latest release.

Akon - Right Now (Na Na Na)

Here is the complete track listing for Akon's Freedom album:
1. "Right Now (Na Na Na)" 4:01
2. "Beautiful" (featuring Colby O'Donis & Kardinal Offishall) 5:13
3. "Keep You Much Longer" 4:18
4. "Troublemaker" (featuring Sweet Rush) 3:57
5. "We Don't Care" 3:34
6. "I'm So Paid" (featuring Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne) 3:26
7. "Holla Holla" (featuring T-Pain) 3:00
8. "Against the Grain" (featuring Ray Lavender) 3:46
9. "Be with You" 3:49
10. "Sunny Day" (featuring Wyclef Jean) 3:15
11. "Birthmark" 3:59
12. "Over the Edge" 4:20
13. "Freedom" 4:12

My favorites from Freedom include "Right Now (Na Na Na)", "Beautiful", "Keep You Much Longer", "Troublemaker" and "Freedom". I have included the embedded media for you to listen below. Do have a listen and post your comments please!

Akon - Beautiful

Akon - Keep You Much Longer

Akon - Troublemaker

Akon - Freedom

My Love For Life Music Review Rating for Akon's Freedom album: 4/5

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Resident Evil: Degeneration Movie Review

I have been an avid Resident Evil gamer since its outing on the legendary Playstation. It was the definitive survival horror series that sparked countless imitations and copycats. When the live action movies were released, I have to admit they were jam packed with action and gore. But there were all lacking a certain flair that one can only get by experiencing the games first hand.

Now that Resident Evil: Degeneration has been released, this is the series' movie tie in that I was waiting for. Produced entirely in CG and based as the continuation on the original Resident Evil video game series, Resident Evil: Degeneration is the movie fans of the original series have been yearning for! Featuring characters from the video games and a well produced soundtrack to compliment the hectic action sequences on screen, I got to salute the folks at Capcom and Sony who managed to create such a masterpiece.

Resident Evil: Degeneration Movie Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating for Resident Evil: Degeneration: 4/5

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My Love For Life Music Review: I Am... Sasha Fierce

Here is another big one guys! The highly anticipated third solo album by Beyoncé: I Am... Sasha Fierce. When I first heard of this album, I seriously thought that this was some kind of OST for a movie of the same name. Little did I know that "I Am... Sasha Fierce" is Beyoncé's attempt of creating a different persona for herself so she can pursue a (slightly) different musical styling than her previous releases.

I gotta hand it over to Beyoncé on the risk she took with "I Am... Sasha Fierce", she managed yet another number-one album. When you got the talent and the look, you can sing any style of song and produce a great performance. Maybe we should start creating our own new personas to become better human beings perhaps?

Here is the complete track listing of "I Am... Sasha Fierce"
Disc 1: I Am…

1. "If I Were a Boy" (BC Jean, Toby Gad) – 4:09
2. "Halo" (Tedder, Evan "Kidd" Bogart) – 4:21
3. "Disappear" (Chakrabongse, Ghost, Dave McCracken, Dench) – 4:27
4. "Broken-Hearted Girl" (Eriksen, Hermansen, Babyface) – 4:37
5. "Ave Maria" (Hermansen, Knowles, Makeba, Dench, Ghost, Eriksen) – 3:41
6. "Satellites" (Ghost, McCracken, Dench) – 3:06
7. "Save the Hero" (Rico Love, James Scheffer, Alexandra Tamposi) (iTunes bonus Track) – 4:33

Disc 2: Sasha Fierce

1. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" (Stewart, Nash, Harrell) – 3:13
2. "Radio" (Jonsin, Love, D-Town) – 3:38
3. "Diva" (Crawford, Garrett) – 3:20
4. "Sweet Dreams" (Jonsin, Love, Wilkins) – 3:28
5. "Video Phone" (Crawford & Garrett) – 3:35

My Love For Life Music Review rating for Beyoncé's "I Am... Sasha Fierce": 4/5

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Britney Spears: Circus Music Review

What a comeback from Britney! Britney Spears has released her much anticipated sixth studio recorded album titled Circus. With a plethora of addictive and catchy poppy tracks thrown into the mix, Circus provides a breath of fresh air for all music fans alike. By now most of us have heard "Womanizer" which was released to radio stations worldwide on 26 September 2008.

Talk about a drastic change! Britney's life has been from bad to worse with the K-Fed episode and the paparazzo incident. Its a shocker how she can still pull herself together from all that mess and come out with a pleasant surprise with Circus. Hats off for her accomplishment on that one guys and gals.

Circus Track Listing:
1. "Womanizer" 3:43
2. "Circus" 3:12
3. "Out From Under" 3:54
4. "Kill the Lights" 3:59
5. "Shattered Glass" 2:53
6. "If U Seek Amy" 3:37
7. "Unusual You" 4:23
8. "Blur" 3:09
9. "Mmm Papi" 3:22
10. "Mannequin" 4:06
11. "Lace and Leather" 2:48
12. "My Baby" 3:20

My recommended songs from Circus: Out From Under, Shattered Glass, Blur, My Baby and Rock Me In. What about Womanizer you ask? Well after listening to a track a few hundred times in a period of time it will start to loose its charm. Good work Britney, you get 4/5 from me for Circus!

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