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Devil May Cry KT, Sheryl Nome Kimono DX Vol 5 & Asuka Collection DX Figures Delivery Review

It is time for another delivery review of a plethora of figures. This various assortment of figures and an Adata 8Gb USB flash drive comes from Playasia, Hong Kong. It took the delivery roughly over 3 weeks to arrive and here is an overview of the anime figures delivery.

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Play Arts Kai Bayonetta & Revoltech Three-stage Transformation Valkyrie VF-1S Delivery Review

I have always been an avid fan of the Macross franchise. But when most reviews of the Revoltech Three-stage Transformation Valkyries are unfavorable, they restrained my urge from buying it. But when I saw the last item of the Revoltech Three-stage Transformation Valkyrie VF-1S on discount, I jumped the gun and bought it together with the Play Arts Kai Bayonetta. I got these loots from Otacute (it has been a while, yes) and they arrived from Japan after 3 weeks of waiting. Here is an overview of the delivery box.

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Fujitsu Speaker Bar Review

I was staying up one night watching an online auction for one unit of Fujitsu Speaker Bar. Suffice to say I won the auction and here is a review of the Fujitsu Speaker Bar. Shipping was via post express so it arrived after 2 working days. here is an overview of the delivery parcel.

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Bowling Rubber Shoes For Hiking & Jungle Walks Review

I went down to my local budget store during the weekend to try to look for a cheap pair of hiking shoes. As the hiking trail can get rather slippery and wet during the rainy season, my priority was to find shoes with effective gripping studs on the outsole. I am lucky to stumble across Bowling rubber shoes that fits my purpose like a glove! Now Bowling here is the brand of the rubber shoes, not shoes worn to go bowling. In addition, they are very cheap at around $3USD a pair. Here is a frontal overview of the Bowling rubber shoes.

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