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Bowling Rubber Shoes For Hiking & Jungle Walks Review

I went down to my local budget store during the weekend to try to look for a cheap pair of hiking shoes. As the hiking trail can get rather slippery and wet during the rainy season, my priority was to find shoes with effective gripping studs on the outsole. I am lucky to stumble across Bowling rubber shoes that fits my purpose like a glove! Now Bowling here is the brand of the rubber shoes, not shoes worn to go bowling. In addition, they are very cheap at around $3USD a pair. Here is a frontal overview of the Bowling rubber shoes.

Here is a side view of the Bowling rubber shoe. The shoe is composed of a whole piece of molded rubber so it is very durable and water proof as well.
Here is a closeup on the Bowling brand engraving found on each of the shoes.
Here is an overview on the outsole of the Bowling shoe. In fact this is the main reason why I bought it: effective gripping studs!
Here is a closeup on the engraved model number, shoe size (my feet are quite big) and country of origin

I have worn these Bowling rubber shoes several times already for my weekly hiking trip and they are rather adequate for the task. Although being comfortable is not their forte, wearing a pair of socks will greatly enhance your experience. Since they are water proof, I don't have to worry about getting them dirty as they are easy to clean as well.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Bowling Rubber Shoes For Hiking & Jungle Walks Review: 5/5

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