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Icy Burmese Jade Dragon Pendant Delivery Review

This is my first icy jade item: Icy Burmese Jade Dragon Pendant. The obvious selling point is that the jade has an icy look as compared to a normal jade. Hopefully that alone justifies the higher selling price. The Icy Burmese Jade Dragon Pendant is from a seller in Hong Kong and the delivery time frame is slightly over 3 weeks. Here is an overview of the delivery envelope.

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K-On & Alter Saber Figmas Delivery Review

K-On & Alter Saber Figmas time! Better late than never I always say. I bought these from Amiami and their shipping charges still surprises me. I always opt for SAL shipping being the most economical but Amiami's shipping quote is still rather expensive. Well my order took slightly over 3 weeks to arrive and here is an overview of the delivery box.

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8MM Jade Beads Delivery Review

Not satisfied with the tiny 4MM jade beads I bought previously, I went ahead and got a couple of strains of 8MM jade beads this time. After waiting for over 4 weeks, my order has finally arrived. Here is an overview of the delivery envelope.

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Adidas Kampung Rubber Shoes Review

I found the perfect shoes for my hiking sessions: cheap and durable whole rubber shoes! The brand is called Bowling which is slightly misleading as I don't think these shoes are bowling (the sport) shoes. Popularly known as Adidas 'kampung' shoes locally, it literally means Adidas village shoes. Sounds strange at first but if you think about how it slightly resembles the design of the big "A" and how these shoes are tough enough to traverse the rough tropical jungle terrains, calling it Adidas village shoes is pretty palpable. Here is an overview of the Bowling rubber shoes.

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Jade Love Heart Pendant Delivery Review

Recently I did some research about jade and found out the best jade is from Burma, called Burmese Jadeite. That too also has different gradings. Well this is my first Burmese Jadeite item: the Jade Love Heart Pendant. The delivery envelope arrived after over 2 weeks and here is an overview.

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