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Jade Love Heart Pendant Delivery Review

Recently I did some research about jade and found out the best jade is from Burma, called Burmese Jadeite. That too also has different gradings. Well this is my first Burmese Jadeite item: the Jade Love Heart Pendant. The delivery envelope arrived after over 2 weeks and here is an overview.

Rear view of the delivery envelope.

Close up of the customs declaration form, CN22.

Close up on the tiny sender/seller address label.

A peek inside the delivery envelope.

Overview of the content of the delivery envelope: a white golden gift wrap bag with something inside...

... which is a mesh of bubble wrap...

... which unwraps to reveal the Jade Love Heart Pendant. Don't you think the following photo looks like a woman's head, with the Jade Heart being the face and the black strings as the hair.

Here is another look at the Jade Love Heart Pendant after unwrapping the black strings.

Front close up view of the Jade Love Heart Pendant.

Rear close up view of the Jade Love Heart Pendant.

Overview of the delivery packing material and content.

Truthfully, this Burmese jadeite Jade Love Heart Pendant cost more than my normal jade items. Hopefully it is genuine as stated by the seller.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Jade Love Heart Pendant Delivery Review: 4/5

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