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figma Fate Testarossa Delivery Review

For those who have been following this blog, you guys and gals might have known that I am a figma collector. To buy every release would be an overkill on my finances so I only tend to get those which are economically viable price wise or those that I have a strong affinity towards. This time it is the former as the figma Fate Testarossa was on sale. The package arrived after 3 weeks from PlayAsia and here is an overview.

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Obsidian Gourd Trinket Delivery Review

This is my delivery review of the obsidian gourd trinket I won on ebay. Here is an overview of the slightly beat up delivery envelope.

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Macross Frontier DX Figure #3: Sheryl Nome (Swimsuit Version) Delivery Review

Consider this another last minute "only 1 left in stock" impulse buy. Its an arcade prize figure from Banpresto, the Macross Frontier DX Figure #3: Sheryl Nome (Swimsuit Version). I consider myself an avid fan of Macross Frontier series and Sheryl Nome is my favorite female lead in the series. Cut to the chase, got her online on a whim and after nearly 3 weeks of waiting she has finally arrived. Here is the overview of the shipping box.

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Limited Robot Damashii and KOS-MOS Ver.4 Figures Delivery Review

As fellow collectors should know, the term "limited edition" goes hand in hand with a hefty price tag. Well this time my purchases cost higher if not the highest currently in my collection. The limited edition items were all ordered from Japan and the delivery took about 1 week to arrive because it was sent via EMS. Luckily the seller followed my instructions to declare the values lower than actual and mark them as gifts so I did not have to fork out more money for import tax. Here is an overview of the limited items delivery package from Japan.

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