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figma Fate Testarossa Delivery Review

For those who have been following this blog, you guys and gals might have known that I am a figma collector. To buy every release would be an overkill on my finances so I only tend to get those which are economically viable price wise or those that I have a strong affinity towards. This time it is the former as the figma Fate Testarossa was on sale. The package arrived after 3 weeks from PlayAsia and here is an overview.

Diagonal side view of the package box. Several dents here and there caused by rough handling during delivery.

Close up on the shipping label with integrated customs declaration form CN22.

Open box shot reveals packing Styrofoam pallets used as buffer material.

This is how the content looked like after removing the Styrofoam pallets.

figma Fate Testarossa still in wrapping paper.

figma Fate Testarossa after removing wrapping paper.

Rear side view of figma Fate Testarossa packaging box.

Side view of figma Fate Testarossa packaging box.

Closeup view of figma Fate Testarossa through packaging box window.

Overview of contents and packaging box.

Nice figma, nice price, nice condition.

My Love For Life Review rating for figma Fate Testarossa Delivery Review: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

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