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Fake Koss Porta Pro Headphones Delivery Review

After doing some research online on which headphones to get, most recommend the Koss Porta Pro. I then went on Ebay to look for the cheapest Koss Porta Pro I could find and ordered it after carefully speculating the authenticity based on the seller's description of the product. My purchase arrived after 3 weeks in a buffered brown envelope and here is an overview:

 Closeup on the US postage charge label.

Closeup on customs declaration form CN22.

Closeup on the shipping label. For those wondering, yes the shown sender details are those of the seller.

Closeup on the shipping envelope/bag label.

Rear view of the shipping envelope/bag.

Open envelope/bag shot after carefully lifting up the adhesive tab/flap.

Overview of the contents: the Koss Porta Pro in a plastic bag and the order Paypal payment details.

Shot of Koss Porta Pro packaging with flash.

Shot of Koss Porta Pro without flash.

Rear view of Koss Porta Pro packaging.

Closeup of the product barcode and lifetime warranty information.

Closeup of lifetime warranty seal on packaging.

First sign of fake Koss Porta Pro: plastic innards engraved numbering shows "4" where the genuine Koss Porta Pro shows "1".

Second sign of fake Koss Porta Pro: The ear cushion sponges are of lower quality feel and slightly different color compared to other buffering sponges on the headphones.

Check out the difference in color of the sponges. The correct genuine color should be the dark black on the top right, not the dark blue on the bottom left.

The metallic looking rings on the ear pieces have minor smudges on them and looks not as refined as the real thing.

Also, there is no white sticker label on the wire jack of the fake Koss Porta Pro as compared to the genuine.

Overview of the contents of the fake Koss Porta Pro package.

Overview of the delivery envelope/bag and its contents.

Its sad to order something then later found out that it is a fake.But lucky for me, after several reminder messages to the seller, he reluctantly refunded my money. I am looking forward to receiving my hopefully genuine Koss Porta Pro soon and do a more comprehensive fake vs genuine Koss Porta Pro comparison.

My Love For Life Review rating for Fake Koss Porta Pro Headphones Delivery Review: 1/5

My Love For Life Review

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