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Jade Beads & Chain Necklace Delivery Review

Don't judge a book by its cover. Same can be said with 'Don't judge an item by its picture'. Judging from my recent posts on Jade trinkets delivery reviews, most of you guys must have found out about my current addiction for getting Jade items. This time around though, I got Jade beads instead. Here is an overview of the envelope which arrived after nearly 3 weeks of waiting.

Rear view of the delivery envelope with the customs declaration form, CN22 imprinted. I think this is a customized envelope tailor made by the seller.

Close up on the imprinted customs declaration form, CN22.

Check out the neat "SAVE Our Earth" notice which is printed on the flap of the envelope.

"Bead Happy!", must be the company slogan I think.

Here is the content of the envelope: the beads sealed in a zip lock bag and an info leaflet.

Close up on the info leaflet.

Close up on the sealed zip lock bag package.

Here are all the 5 strands of Jade beads out of the zip lock bag.

Close up on the Jade beads. In the photo the Jade beads sure look nice but in reality they are very tiny, roughly 4mm in diameter.

Here is the odd one out: a chain necklace still in a zip lock bag.

Overview of the chain necklace.

Close up on the chain necklace. This thing is too short to be worn by me. I cant even latch on the necklace around my neck as it is too short!

Overview of the packing material and delivery contents.

Its a shame that my Jade Beads and chain necklace are not what I expected them to me. The Jade Beads are too small and the chain necklace is too short!

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Jade Beads & Chain Necklace Delivery Review: 2/5

My Love For Life Review

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