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Hong Kong Small Package

After roughly 2 weeks of waiting since delivery, I have finally received my small package from Hong Kong. This time round the item is packed using a brown envelope. The seller also opted to use conventional postage stamps affixed to the envelope for postage payment. Here is a frontal view of the package.

Rear view of the package with the customs value declaration label affixed.

Closeup on the customs declaration label.

The seller also stamped their own details on the back of the envelope.

This is the first time I receive an international package sent using the string tie envelope. It can easily be open up for inspection but it can be rather flimsy as well.

Upon untying the string tie I am glad that the seller applied some cello tape on the opening for some added protection.

After I took out the item from the envelope I saw this attached note from the seller. It basically explains the delivery time frame and how they appreciate each business they get from customers. A notable point is that they request customers who plan on leaving less than 5 star DSR rating to contact them first so they can sort out the shortcomings of the transaction. I think this is a great idea which all ebay sellers should follow suit.

After unwrapping the first layer of bubble wrap this is how my item looked like. Double layers of bubble wrap is always good provided that the item is housed in a sturdy package.

After removing all the bubble wrap now you can clearly see what my item is: a solar display turntable which according to the box is silver in color.

Upon further examination I notice some squashed damage at the top of the box.

Here is a front closeup on the damage sustained at the top of the box.

Upon opening the box, I am glad to see more bubble wrapping material. Hopefully they will be enough to prevent damage onto the actual item.

This is what my solar turntable display look like once all the bubble wrap has been removed. The clear plastic rotary stand is still packed in a clear plastic bag and secured in place using styrofoam.

Here is a shot of my solar turntable display with all packing materials removed.

And this is one of my intended use for the solar turntable display. Luckily with a little nudge it started turning feeding on my room lighting.

I might post a more detailed review on this solar turntable display in the future. But currently I am quite pleased with the delivery experience.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Hong Kong Small Package delivery: 4/5

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