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City In The Mist

I woke up this morning as usual around 5:45AM for my morning ritual. I then went outside the house around 6:10AM to pickup the morning papers only to find the house shrouded in dense mist! To verify it was mist instead of haze, I took a couple of deep breathes and sense no foul smell of smoke.

At around 7:15AM I started driving to work and the mist was still dense throughout the city. I managed to take some photographic evidence of the heavy mist within the city and here they are for your viewing purposes:

This was taken right outside my front gates, if you look carefully you can see Vicky the dog standing in the middle of the road.

Visibility on the road was down to less than 100 meters.
I noticed a lot of drivers and motorcyclists did not turn on their lights as a safety measure but I did: better to be safe than sorry!
Visibility here at the first traffic light junction that I encountered was very low.
Luckily there were not many vehicles on the road at that time.
It is best to drive cautiously under these conditions.
Hence driving slowly with a max speed of 60KM/HR is a good practice.

Visibility at the city center was slightly better. This might be due to the buildings obstructing the mist somehow.

This was where visibility started to deteriorate back to low levels.

The mist was especially dense at the hillside areas.

This final picture showing the sun blocked by the mist is the pinnacle of my photographic evidence.

Truth to be told, I was glad that it was mist instead of haze this time. My Love For Life Experience review rating for City In The Mist: 3/5

My Love For Life Review

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Borneo Falcon said...

Some familiar places from the photos

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