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Free Jimmy Movie Review

Free Jimmy was released in the cinemas on March 17, 2006. Free Jimmy is the first computer animated film from Norway and is Norway's second most expensive movie to date (16 Million USD).

Written and directed by Norwegian Christopher Nielsen, Free Jimmy has a running time of approximately 80 minutes. With vocal talents from Woody Harrelson, Kyle MacLachlan, Simon Pegg and Jay Simpson among others, Free Jimmy puts a more darker and mature tune to the generic computer animated feature film genre.

Free Jimmy tells the tale of an elephant, Jimmy who was drugged so that he can be controlled by his handlers in the circus. The plot thickens as smugglers stashed stolen drugs surgically into Jimmy and a few desperate parties try hard to get their hands on Jimmy.

Free Jimmy is intended for a more mature audience. It has an interesting art direction which is a diversion from the normal cute and cuddly on screen characters from mainstream CGI movies.

Free Jimmy Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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