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GHD NG 1/100 Serpent Custom Runners Painting

Remember the other day we took a closer look at the runners of the GHD NG 1/100 Serpent Custom and how crappy they turn out to be? Well as a remedy to the defects of the runners I have spray painted them using spray paint.

Here is a general view of how I hang the spray painted runners on the clothesline to dry them.

I have spray painted the runner for the railgun using metallic silver.

I have chosen to spray paint the armor parts with metallic gold.

As for the main body parts, I spray painted them wit milky white.

Here is the runner containing parts for the head, hands and miscellaneous parts for the backpack and torso spray painted in metallic gold.

The runner for the gatling guns spray painted in metallic silver.

Here is my spray painting area: basically a cement floor which I have covered with old newspaper. Notice the residue spray paint on the newspaper.

There are some parts which I have left unsprayed: the missile parts in the shoulders...

... and the red pieces on the shoulder armors.

I will be covering the actual assembly process in the next post. Stay tuned!

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