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How To Seduce A Woman Video Review

I was browsing through some music videos on Youtube and came across a rather interesting video clip entitled "How To Seduce A Woman". A lot of commentators left negative comments about how the video is a lot of bull**** but after watching it and thinking things over I do believe the tips highlighted in the video have some truths in them. Here is the video in question:

How To Seduce A Woman

In summary, the video states that in order to successfully seduce a woman one will need:
-Love Declaration
-Commitment Declaration
-Secluded Spot
-Self Deprecation
-Physically strenuous or anxiety-producing activity
-Eye contact

I like the way how the video is made by using cartoon bunny rabbits to convey the tips in a non offensive way to the viewers.

My Love For Life Video review rating for How To Seduce A Woman: 3.5/5

My Love For Life Review

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