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Jade Beads Bracelets Delivery Review

I got these Jade Beads Bracelets from a new seller on ebay. The strange thing about this is that when I was trying to leave feedback the seller is no longer registered on ebay. Talk about weird. Does that mean the items he sold me have issues? Well after waiting for almost 4 weeks, here is an overview of the delivery parcel. Notice how a CN22 is tied to the parcel using a string.

The customs declaration form, CN22 untied from the parcel.

Close up on the customs declaration form, CN22.

Close up on the parcel. Notice the marker writing 'Sudah call 10:30am' which means that someone from the post office called me to pick this up at 10:30am that day.

From the following angle, the delivery parcel looks banged up.

Close up on the sender/seller address.

I was surprised to find another customs declaration form, CN22 affixed to the parcel.

Now here is another surprise: the parcel is actually 2 blocks of Styrofoam wrapped with brown tape. Now that is creative and hopefully a safe way to deliver fragile Jade Beads Bracelets.

After 'opening' the Styrofoam block, I am amazed at how well my Jade Beads Bracelets are insulated within.

Here is a close up for a better look. The Jade Beads bracelets are in a sealed zip lock bag.

Close up of the jade Beads Bracelets still in sealed zip lock bag.

Overview of the 3 Jade Beads Bracelets. Never judge a book by its cover. I bought these Jade Beads Bracelets thinking that they were the same size based on their individual photos.

Overview of the biggest Jade Beads Bracelets.

Close up of the biggest Jade Beads Bracelets.

Overview of the medium size Jade Beads Bracelets.

Close up of the medium size Jade Beads Bracelets.

Overview of the smallest Jade Beads Bracelets.

Close up of the smallest Jade Beads Bracelets.

Here is another size comparison overview.

Overview of the packaging material and contents.

I found out one of the beads on the biggest Jade Beads bracelets has a crack and I will try to get a refund on it. Hopefully I can get hold of the seller.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Jade Beads Bracelets Delivery Review: 2/5

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