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Mr Bean's Holiday Movie Review

Mr Bean is up to his usual hijinks again second time around in his latest movie outing Mr Bean's Holiday. The movie was released in the cinemas on 24 August 2007. Starring British actor/comedian Rowan Atkinson as the (in)famous Mr Bean, the movie is lots of fun to watch.

Joined by big names such as Willem Dafoe and Emma de Caunes, Mr Bean's Holiday serves up a bunch of laughs and joyful scenes to watch for the whole family. Mr Bean's Holiday comes highly recommended as a great family movie for everyone to enjoy.

Mr Bean's Holiday Movie Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 4/5

1 Life quote shouts:

Devon said...

I think 4/5 is about right for this, some nice laughs but nothing that had me shooting pop out my nose.

The critics have it at 57% according to Movie Tab

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