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Tales From Earthsea Movie Review

Tales From Earthsea is the latest anime film from Studio Ghibli, released in Japan on July 26, 2006. An American release date has yet to be announced but Tales From Earthsea will be distributed in the USA by Walt Disney Pictures.

Tales From Earthsea is the classic tale of light and darkness, good versus bad. There is a good wizard and an evil wizard where the later plotted to achieve eternal life by the means of darkness. The animation and art direction is top notch as per Studio Ghibli's high standards. Tales From Earthsea is a must watch for all movie goers.

Tales From Earthsea is based on the third and fourth books of the Earthsea series written by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Tales From Earthsea Movie Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 4/5

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