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Revoltechs and Nendoroid Petit Delivery Review

I was curious about the vocaloid nendoroid petit set and what makes them so popular among collectors so I decided to get one and experience it hands on. In addition, I went and got a few more revoltech figures to add to my collection. The shipment took over 3 weeks to arrive from Japan. Here is the overview of the parcel box.

From this angle, you can see a major dent at the right side of the box.

Closeup on the right side of the parcel box. The lower area seems to have been squashed.

At this point, I just hoped that the contents were still intact.

Closeup on the shipping label with the integrated customs declaration form CN22.

Closeup on the Playasia logo printed on the side of the parcel box.

I cant help but notice how flimsy and thin the parcel box is. Here is a closeup on the folding crevasse of the parcel box which has some of the content exposed. Talk about the lack of proper buffer material...

There is even a tear at one side of the parcel box.

Open box shot! So far so good, my revoltech Yotsuba and Overman King-Gainer look ok.

This is how the dent of the parcel box look from the inside.

Closeup on my Nendoroid Petit trading figure box.

Closeup on my revoltech Yotsuba action figure box.
Closeup on my revoltech fraulein Pocco action figure box.

Closeup on my revoltech Overman King-Gainer action figure box.

Closeup on my revoltech Saber Alter action figure box.

Overview of my revoltechs and nendoroid petit with the parcel box.

Overview on my revoltechs and nendoroid petit.

Thank goodness that my items were not damaged. But Playasia should seriously revamp their packing boxes to the standard of HLJ.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Revoltechs and Nendoroid Petit Delivery: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

1 Life quote shouts:

HermanTurnip said...

It's amazing they could squeeze all of that into one box. Looks like someone took a boot to it :-(

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