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King James Bible Delivery Review

I requested for a free bible from Ebible Fellowship and true to their words they sent me one all the way from the US. After slightly over 2 weeks my free Bible has finally arrived. Here is an overview of the delivery envelope.

Rear view of the deliver envelope. As you can see, the delivery envelope has some wear due to the international shipping.

Close up on the customs declaration form, CN22.

Close up on the postage paid label.

Close up on the sender's address.

Peek a boo inside the deliver envelope.

They sent along a few pamphlets along with the King James Bible.

Close up on the contact info printed on the pamphlet.

Close up on the King James Bible. The Bible is made to high quality standards.

Close up on the Ebible Fellowship sticker found on the Bible.

Overview of the delivery packaging materials and its contents.

I am pleased with the delivery of the King James Bible. It arrived in good condition and without any delay caused by the customs department.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for King James Bible Delivery Review: 5/5

My Love For Life Review

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