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Jade Mystic Knot Delivery Review

Ah yes, my long awaited Jade Mystic Knot has finally arrived after nearly 2 months of waiting. This has got to be the longest delay in delivery that I have ever experienced. Previously, the longest delivery time frame for items originating from China was nearly 4 weeks. This particular delivery too slightly more than 7 weeks to arrive. Here is an overview of the delivery parcel.

Rear side view of the delivery parcel.

Close up on the customs declaration form, CN22.

Side view close up of the delivery parcel reveals some dents inflicted during delivery.

Close up of the sender/seller address label.

Open 'parcel' view reveals that this entire parcel is actually two blocks of Styrofoam taped together with massive amounts of tape.

Close up of the Jade Mystic Knot packed snugly in the middle of the Styrofoam blocks.

Close up of the Jade Mystic Knot still in zip lock bag.

Close up of the Jade Mystic Knot.

Overview of the packing materials and content.

This type of packing is fantastic for ensuring the safe arrival of the fragile content inside. However the long delay in delivery is not a pleasant experience, which previously kept me pacing back and fourth in thought on whether or not to raise a dispute case for this transaction.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Jade Mystic Knot Delivery Review: 2/5

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