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Dororo Movie Review

Mention the name Dororo and die hard anime fans will associate it with the anime series based on the original thriller Manga. The main plot of Dororo centers on an orphan thief, Dororo, who came in contact with Hyakkimaru, a powerful rogue demon slayer. Hyakkimaru has to seek out and defeat 48 demon gods to restore back his original human body parts that were pawned off by his greedy feudal lord father in exchange for great power. Hence during birth Hyakkimaru was without limbs, eyes, ears, a nose or mouth and left to die in the river. Intriguing yes? Well to find out how Hyakkimaru, barely a human creature survived to become a powerful demon slayer you have to watch Dororo the live action movie.

Kou Shibasaki

Dororo the movie stars Kou Shibasaki as Dororo the orphan thief and Satoshi Tsumabuki as Hyakkimaru. Both of them did a superb job of portraying their respective on screen characters. The CGI effects in Dororo were average though, but still passable. Dororo is a good oriental fantasy action movie to watch.

Dororo Movie Trailer

My Love For Live Movie Review for Dororo: 3/5

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