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Tropic Thunder Movie Review

I watched Tropic Thunder with my cousin during the weekend after I picked him up after work. He didn't want to go straight home instead wanted to go my place to watch Lost. Soon after watching 2 episodes of Lost back to back, we commenced on watching Tropic Thunder.

Initially I thought Tropic Thunder was a war movie focusing on the Vietnam guerrilla warfare. But upon looking at the initial "movie trailers and advertisement" preluding Tropic Thunder, I thought it was more of a spoof movie. Tropic Thunder is an action comedy movie directed, produced, starring and written by Ben Stiller. Tropic Thunder has an impressive star studded cast which includes Jack Black, Robert Downey, Jr. and Brandon T. Jackson.

Tropic Thunder centers around a group of actors who got thrown into the real jungle to make a Vietnam War movie so they can be more convincing onscreen instead of filming on set. Tropic Thunder is an absolutely delightful movie to watch because it is so "messy". It is not right to classify it as a "spoof" as it contains much more distinctive elements of its own.

Tropic Thunder Movie Trailer

I recommend Tropic Thunder as a unique movie watching experience with strong emphasis on action comedy. If you are just curious about the movie, go and watch it on DVD. Most probably you will not be disappointed.

My Love For Life movie review rating for Tropic Thunder: 4/5.

My Love For Life Review

3 Life quote shouts:

Borneo Falcon said...

Sound like a cool movie to watch

HermanTurnip said...

Tropic Thunder hurts my cheeks from all of the laughing it induces :-)

HermanTurnip said...

FYI: Thanks to your review I picked up Ghost Town today. Looking forward to viewing it this weekend!

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