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The Tattooist Movie Review

Feeling a bit adventurous last weekend, my boo and I watched The Tattooist. It is relatively not a well known movie as it is not a mainstream release. The Tattooist is a 2007 New Zealand supernatural thriller directed by Peter Burger and starring American actor Jason Behr. Shot in New Zealand and Singapore, The Tattooist is the first official co-production between the two countries.

The Tattooist centers around Jake Sawyer(Jason Behr), a tattooist by profession who accidentally released an evil spirit by cutting himself on an old tattoo hammer. There is also some onscreen love chemistry between Jake Sawyer and Sina(Mia Blake), the niece of a church pastor who is also a traditional tattooist. Unlike conventional big budget mainstream horror thriller movies, The Tattooist brings a certain 'rawness' in its story telling process while still remaining interesting to watch. Even though it has a slow start, The Tattooist has a certain degree of originality with the mixture of different cultures portrayed in various scenes.

The Tattooist Movie Trailer

If you are looking for something new and different from the other current mainstream movie releases to watch, give The Tattooist a try. IMHO, The Tattooist is a better rental than a purchase. My Love For Life movie review rating for The Tattooist: 2.5/5

My Love For Life Review

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