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Figma SP-001 Choyusha Haruhi Delivery Review

After waiting for over 2 weeks my parcel has finally arrived from Japan yesterday. This parcel contains my most expensive Figma figure yet: SP-001 Choyusha Haruhi. Choyusha means brave in Japanese so this Brave Haruhi Suzumiya figma is the first ever figma to be released back in January 2008. This limited, no longer in production figma was originally bundled with the PS2 game, titled 'The Perplexity Of Haruhi Suzumiya' and of course, this game never got released outside of Japan. Sadly for me, I know beforehand that this figure does not come with the game when I bid for it on ebay. Anyway the parcel comes in a standard brown delivery box.

The seller has taken the initiative to manually mark the box as fragile with a red marker.

In fact, he has written the word Fragile on all sides of the box which is good for me (if only the delivery personnel heed to the warning).

This shot reveals the most damaged portion of the delivery box. Throughout my delivery reviews, experience has taught me that this kind of damage is standard and unavoidable. You just have to apply ample buffer to safeguard the item(s) inside.

A customs stamp stating that my parcel was released from their custody on 16 September 2009.

Closeup on the corner of the box with the most squashed damage sustained.

Upon opening the delivery box I am presented with a layer of Japanese newspaper which shows some nice pictures for a change.

Upon removing the first layer of newspaper I come across this nice full color booklet "FROM GAMERS". More on this later.

After removing the booklet my SP-001 figma can be seen in bubble wrap surrounded by more newspapers.

My Sp-001 figma finally out of the delivery box, still wrapped in bubble wrap. I plan to keep it wrapped as mine is MISB condition until the day I feel like unboxing it.

Rear view of the SP-001 figma box. Luckily it is undamaged from the delivery.

Overview of the delivery item and materials.

Another inspection view of my SP-001 figma (darn the flash reflection).

Now lets take a closer look at the included "FROM GAMERS" booklet. The first thing I notice is the price printed on the front cover which reads 0 yen. I guess the seller got this for free and decided to add this as something extra in my shipment. That is rather considerate of him.

Upon opening the booklet I am presented with color anime pictures.

This page is a promo for a new Japanese game I think.

Overview of the delivery once again.

Generally I am pleased with this delivery. My only qualm is over the price I paid for the limited figma which does not come with the game. Maybe I can try to get a "backup" of it online.

My Love For Life experience review rating for Figma SP-001 Choyusha Haruhi delivery: 3.5/5

My Love For Life Review

2 Life quote shouts:

Borneo Falcon said...

I don't see any Custom tape. Looks like this package was not open up for inspection

HermanTurnip said...

Given the amount of damage the shipping box sustained, I'm surprised at the lack of damage to the figurines. Thumbs up!

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