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State Of Play Movie Review

My cousin came by on Sunday for our periodic haircuts done by my aunt, his mom. After the haircut session I decided to watch State Of Play with him because its one of those movies which my boo won't enjoy watching. State Of Play is a 2009 American political thriller movie adaptation of the original six-part British television serial of the same name that aired on BBC One back in 2003.

In a nutshell, State Of Play centers on a reporter (Russell Crowe)'s investigation into the suspicious death of a Congressman(Ben Affleck)'s mistress. To make matters even more complicated, Cal McAffrey the reporter is a good friend of Congressman Stephen Collins and previously had an affair with his wife, Anne Collins(Robin Wright Penn). Rachel McAdams plays the role of Della Frye who runs a popular blog and recently turned junior political reporter. Noteworthy supporting cast members in State Of Play include Helen Mirren, Jason Bateman and Jeff Daniels.

State Of Play Movie Trailer

State Of Play starts of slow and I dare say, a bit boring to say the least. But as you get in deeper you start to care for what happens next. Russell Crowe has done a remarkable job of portraying Cal McAffrey where as Ben Affleck's role of Congressman Stephen Collins comes in a close second place. State Of Play is full of twists and turns especially towards the end and this directly bumps up the story a notch or two. I would recommend State Of Play for those who enjoy political thrillers and those who do not mind sitting through the slow first half of the movie before getting to the better second half.

My Love For Life Movie Review rating for State Of Play: 3/5

My Love For Life Review

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