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Japan Shipment Delivery Review

This is my first time ordering items online which uses fedex international economy as delivery method. I chose fedex international economy over SAL because when you reach a certain shipping weight SAL actually cost more than fedex. Shipping time was fast: got the delivery in less than a week! Here is the overview of the shipping box.

This is the first time I encounter such label packing method: affix a zip lock bag and seal the shipping documents inside.

The seller reused the packing box for a Panasonic SC-HC5-K compact stereo system to ship my orders.

I guess even by using fedex international economy the delivery box will also suffer some rough handling damage.

Fedex international economy shipping label.

Japanese fragile/handle with care sticker.

Open box shot reveals a white envelope on top of old newspaper buffers.

The envelope actually contains a copy of the shipping documentation which states some interesting points regarding the items:
- No commercial value
- Not for resell use
- Personal belongings
- Value for customs purpose only

Perhaps this is also a good way to avoid those unnecessary import taxes.

After removing the white envelope, you can catch a glimpse of the figma boxes.

While rummaging through the newspaper buffers, I found a pleasant surprise hidden within. At the back of the small packet is a thank you note with an indication of who the packer of this order is: Nakamura.

From the front you can see it is actually a free gift in the form of a Prism Ark mobile phone strap which is made out of rubbery material. Nice and cute^^

Also hidden within the newspaper buffers is a stack of colorful product leaflets.

I am not familiar with the Re-Ment line of collectibles but the Disney products sure looks cute!

I think there are more than 10 product leaflets in the stack.

My figma Miyuki Takara winter school uniform version still in wrapping paper.

Still left 3 items in the delivery box.

After removing my figma Asakura Ryoko from the delivery box the wrapping paper was torn.

So I decided to remove the wrapping paper completely and take a frontal shot of the box of figma Asakura Ryoko.

My figma Drossel (yes finally!!!) still in wrapping paper.

My Otome O -S.ifr- Lena Sayers Lobe of Loftiness Ver. Olive Metallic Color Version 1/5 scale pvc figure.

Side box design.

Top side box design.

Closeup on actual figure through box window.

Overview of delivery materials and contents.

Overview of delivery items.

Nice items arrived in good condition. And I also get a free gift too! Fantastic!

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Japan Shipment Delivery Review: 5/5

My Love For Life Review

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