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Revoltech Suzuki Delivery Review

I was not planning on getting Revoltech Suzuki because I am not familiar with the character but since it was on sale, I finally grabbed 2 in the last few minutes of the sales period. Man I think I have a case of impulsive buying disorder... Well after nearly 3 weeks of waiting my small packet delivery has finally arrived. Overview of the shipping box.

From my previous experience, the playasia shipping box tend to be of lower quality compared to HLJ and thus will suffer more postal damage easily.

Closeup on the shipping label with integrated customs declaration form (CN22).

After lifting the flap of the box I am presented with a whole bunch of shipping pallets. Bad for health and the environment, good to buffer the items though.

After carefully removing most of the packing pallets I get to see my 2 Revoltech Suzuki at the bottom of the shipping box.

Frontal shot of Revoltech Suzuki.

Rear shot of Revoltech Suzuki.

Closeup on the rear side of the paper ring shows the other available revoltechs.

Closeup on the front side of the paper ring shows Revoltech Suzuki smiling sporting golden drill bits on both arms.

Closeup on actual Revoltech Suzuki through the box window.

Another side of the paper ring highlights the fraulein series which focus on female characters.

Generally I am pleased with the delivery of Revoltech Suzuki.

My Love For Life Experience Review Rating of Revoltech Suzuki Delivery Review: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

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