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Labuan Marine Museum Review

During a recent work trip to Labuan Island I managed to squeeze in some time to walk around town. I walked to the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex which took me roughly 20 minutes from the hotel where I was staying at. My main objective was to visit the Labuan Marine Museum or Museum of Marine Biology which is situated within the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex. Here is a teaser of one of the many interesting live specimens found in the Labuan Marine Museum: an Eel!

 If you walk from the Labuan town direction, you will see this side building first which houses a multitude of eateries and tourist souvenir shops, before reaching the main Labuan International Sea Sport Complex.

Here it is, just next to the previous side building, the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex.

On my approach, I noticed an interesting architecture just in front of the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex.

It turned out to be a water fountain with a bronze sea horse center piece.

Here is a closer look on the center piece. Too bad the water fountain was not in operation that day.

Here is a view of the main hallway of the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex. The Labuan Marine Museum is just straight towards the end from here.

Here is another view of the water fountain from the inside of the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex.

The roof of the hallway is made of glass panels to allow natural sunlight into the area.

The Malaysian Tourism Department office is just located to the left side of the hallway.

A closeup on the big signage for the Labuan Marine Museum.

Closeup on the official launching plaque for the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex which was done by the ruler of the country at the time.

The first thing that caught my eyes when entering the Labuan Marine Museum was this: an Ikea Detolf glass display cabinet! I wonder how they manage to bring one here as back from my hometown I have been looking high and low for one.

Here is the view of the Labuan Marine Museum which was prominently featured in tourist pamphlets and info sheets. From a glance you might think it is an under water glass tunnel but it is just architecture ornaments.

This is the first live marine display visitors will encounter at the Labuan Marine Museum. In addition, this is the only place visitors can get their hands wet to touch and feel the starfish.

A mini bridge is constructed over the touch and feel area.

This is the receptions desk area where each and every visitor is required to sign in the guest book of the Labuan Marine Museum.

This is the first display area visitors will encounter after passing through the entrance tunnel.

Oval shaped displays that are made to mimic portholes.

Butterfly fish.

Butterfly fish info plate.

This fish can be found in most fresh fish markets. Makes a decent meal.

Another look at the entrance tunnel from the inside before heading deeper into the Labuan Marine Museum.

There are also lots of illuminated display boards like this scattered among the exhibits to provide bits and pieces of information to visitors. But I am here for the live specimens displays instead of these.

Here is a nice wall painting of dolphins.

This is the second display area of the exhibit with a nice bluish ambient lighting to create the underwater atmosphere.

More illuminated display boards are found on the right of the exhibit area.

I am amazed that real corals were used to decorate the bottom left side walls of the exhibit.

Circular glass tank display.

A staff only entrance door designed to look like a pressure door mainly found on board vessels.

Poisonous fishes!

Puff needle blowfish.

Puff needle blowfish again, hard to take a photo with it eluding my camera very time.

Shellfish about 1/2 the size of a basketball.


The shellfish again as it was going round and round in the tank.

More portholes exhibit displays.

Reef stonefish.

Hard to capture pictures of the reef stonefish hiding at the bottom of the tank.


Freaky looking.

Swampy area display.

Publications by the Department of Museums.

Onwards to the upper floor. Walls of the staircase are painted and decorated with fishes.

Whoa, what do I spy through the clear glass separators?

A nice aquarium display to greet visitors when they reach the top of the stairs.

That's a huge skeleton display!

Lots of seashells on display on the right.

Just take a look at that skeleton display!

The skull of the skeleton!

Turned out to be the skeleton of an Indian Fin Whale. Quite an experience.

Sea cow display.

They really need to install better lighting fixtures in this area of the exhibit.

Walkway on the upper level.

Air conditioning units were installed along the walkway on the upper floor but they were not in operation.

Manta ray display.

Whale shark display.

The shark in this picture looks kinda cute to me though.

Children activity area.

LCD tv available but not in operation.

View from the window shows the children's playground outside and an overlooking vantage tower.

Cool aquarium display at the children's activity corner.

But the sight of the fella might frighten some of the children I suppose.

There was another eel hiding under the coral.

Chairs/tables available for visitors to take a short rest.

Here is the view from the window facing the sea.

Hard for me o take a picture of the big turtle while the glass is reflecting the light from the window.

Notice board found on the upper floor of the Labuan Marine Museum.

It has been years since my last visit to any museum. I definitely enjoyed my visit to the Labuan Marine Museum and I was really glad that admission is free. Yes free!

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Labuan Marine Museum Review: 5/5

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