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Solomon Kane Movie Review

It has been a long hiatus since my last movie review and this has caused some visitors from returing to My Love For Life Review. To try and rectify this, here is a long overdued Solomon Kane Movie Review.

Last Saturday afternoon, my cousin came by my place after work to pickup his mom and I suggested to watch a movie before he went back. I picked out Solomon Kane and loaded it on the video player.

At first glance, Solomon Kane seemed very much like Van Helsing but minus the vampires and werewolves conflict. But as you get deeper into the story, a more suitable title for the movie should be Solomon Kane: The Origin as this movie superbly shows the origin of Solomon Kane, the evil vanquisher.

Solomon Kane Movie Trailer

One of the most outstanding feature of the movie is its atmosphere. Set in the early 1600s, Solomon Kane managed to depict the essence of the era close to perfection without heavily relying on CGI effects. In addition, James Purefoy's performance as Solomon Kane is simply amazing to say the least.

My Love For Life Movie review rating for Solomon Kane Movie Review: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

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