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HP Mini 210 Delivery Review

Time for a delivery review of the HP Mini 210 netbook. It has been a while since my post on my Dell Mini 9.In case anyone's wondering, this HP Mini 210 netbook isn't mine. It belongs to my uncle. Here is an overview of the delivery box. It was sent via courier service so delivery was considered fast. Although the packing box is mono toned, it does have a nice design.

 Rear view of the packing box with HP's standard slogan imprint in different languages: "The Computer Is Personal Again".
The HP Mini 210 netbook specifications can be found on a sticker label on one side of the box.
Top view of the packing box reveals the handy carry handle.
Unboxing time! Strange to see a quick start manual in Thai upon opening the box though.
After removing the quick start manual, we can see the various components packed snugly and securely inside the packing box.
Overview of the power cells, power cable and power adapter of the HP Mini 210 netbook.
The warranty information sheet and a piece of microfiber cleaning cloth is sealed in a zip plastic bag at the base of the packing box.
The HP Mini 210 netbook still in plastic wrapping.
This is how the HP Mini 210 netbook looks like with the screen lid open. I like the all black design but the piano finish areas on the frame of the screen are finger print magnets.
Closeop on the Intel Atom processor sticker and the Windows 7 Starter edition sticker.
Overview of the delivery of the HP Mini 210.

All in all I am quite pleased with the delivery of the HP Mini 210. The HP Mini 210 is a nice replacement for my uncle's aging AthlonXP desktop.

My Love For Life experience review rating for HP Mini 210 delivery: 5/5

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