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Unboxing of Dell Mini 9 Netbook

After waiting for more than 12 days my new Dell Mini 9 netbook finally arrived at my doorstep yesterday afternoon. This is going to be my first ownership of a netbook. Dell has been known to ship their products with high levels of customer service and the packing box that I received is quite sturdy.

There is a brief system specification label attached to one side of the box. It is blurry but my Dell Mini 9 comes with 8GB SSD, making harddisk capacity an issue for me.
Lucky for me, the security seal on the box was still intact when I received it.
Here is the complete view from the side of the box with the specification label attached.
The service tag label. I think most if not all Dell products are made in China now due to the lower production cost.
From this label "For Singapore", I think Dell's Asia pacific focal point is at its Singapore office.
Finally, the actual unboxing process begins. Again, Dell has impressed me with the sturdy packing material giving ample protection to the Dell Mini 9.
I have removed the layers of protection and position them for an overall view. If you look carefully you can find the actual Dell Mini 9 still wrapped in white plastic in the lower middle.
The power adaptor of the Dell Mini 9. Most laptop adaptors have an operating lifespan of over 1 year before problems start to develop. I hope this one will last me for at least 5 years. Wishful thinking...
The setup guide booklet for the Dell Mini 9. Most people would just ignore this as it contains generic instructions on how to operate the netbook. But it is wise to give it a glance through.
The warranty support information leaflet. My Dell Mini 9 comes with the 1 year limited warranty. Again, I hope it will last me at least 5 years without troubles.
The 4 CDs packaged with my Dell Mini 9. The Windows Home SP3 setup disc, the drivers disc, the Dell applications disc and lastly the McAfee Security Center setup disc. All these programs and drivers are preinstalled so the CDs are only used if you want to do a reinstall.
My Dell Mini 9 out of its first layer of plastic protection.
My Dell Mini 9 with lid opened. Notice how I haven't remove the plastic cover for the 8.9" LCD screen. They main keys on the keyboard look ok but I hope I can adjust to using shrinked Shift, Capslock and Tab keys.
My Dell Mini 9 fully unwrapped. I like the overall design and color scheme. From this picture you might mistaken it for a full sized laptop without any size comparison.
I have placed my right hand side by side with my Dell Mini 9 for size comparison. Generally I am happy with my purchase so far. All netbooks do not come with a built in optical drive so if required I might buy an external slim drive in the future.

The only thing that Dell can improve upon is actually including some sort of protective sleeve or case to house the unit. Now I need to source elsewhere for a sleeve or case to protect my Dell Mini 9 when I carry it around. My Love For Life Experience review rating for unboxing Dell Mini 9 netbook: 4/5.

Future plan for my Dell Mini 9: install OSX on it! Currently doing some research online on how to accomplish that. Might do a review on that in the near future.

My Love For Life Review

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Borneo Falcon said...

Cool! I wish I had one

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