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Valkyrie Movie Review

My cousin is a war movie buff. He is into historical war movies like Patton and Apocalypse Now. So when he came by to spend the evening on Sunday, I offered to watch Valkyrie with him. Valkyrie is a historical thriller movie set during World War II. Tom Cruise stars as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, one of the key persons who plotted a coup d'état to assassinate Adolf Hitler and execute Germany's national emergency plan, Operation Valkyrie to take control of the country. As history has it, their coup d'état was a failure but Valkyrie provides an interesting insiders perspective to the chain of events which transpired.

Valkyrie movie trailer

Valkyrie is filled with dialogues and conversations in the first half of the movie which I find too draggy. My cousin was ok with it as he paid attention intently but I ended up taking a breather by cutting my finger nails and toe nails in another room. After 20 minutes I returned to my designated seat only to be in a half awake state trying my best not to doze off. Luckily Valkyrie kicked into high gear during the second half of the movie which depicted the execution phase of the coup d'état attempt. From there, you can see that one of the major factor to the failure of the coup d'état was the lack of determination and vigilance from key personnel involved.

Valkyrie is a good movie but the subject matter is not to my liking. The production quality is good and the characters are well played by the cast members. My Love For Life movie review rating for Valkyrie: 3.5/5

My Love For Life Review

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simonsays2 said...

I regret missing this one in the theater. Just saw it on blue-ray and its a fantastic thriller. I agree that it's a bit long-winded in the first half but it really works well at suspense and I found the Hitler sequences absolutely nerve racking.

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