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The Comebacks Movie Review

I was outstation for work a couple of weeks ago and luckily the budget hotel I stayed in had a movie channel called Star Movies. And during my stay I managed to catch a couple of movies. The Comebacks is one of them and here is my review on it.

The Comebacks is an American comedy movie released in 2007. Directed by Tom Brady, The Comebacks is a spoof or parody of the sports movie genre. The Comebacks tell the tale of Coach Lambeau Fields (David Koechner) who has the reputation of being the worst coach in sports history. The Comebacks main plot follows the course of events on how Coach Lambeau Fields stumbled his way through to guide the Heartland State University football team to victory and win the 2nd Annual Toilet Bowl Championship.

The Comebacks Movie Trailer

There are a lot of crude humor in The Comebacks which includes the stereotype cross dressing dad of Lance Truman (Matthew Lawrence) the quarterback, the love relationship between the coach's daughter, Michelle Fields (Brooke Nevin) and Lance as well as the female Indian kicker for the Comebacks, Jizminder Featherfoot (Noureen DeWulf) who managed to strip down to only bikinis during a rock song rendition on stage. Most of them are funny but some of the scenes are seriously out of whack!

All in all The Comebacks is a spoof movie which one need to watch with a pinch of salt. It does not stand out in its genre but it does deliver as your average sports movie spoof. My Love For Life movie review rating for The Comebacks: 2.5/5

My Love For Life Review

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