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Squashed Delivery Box

I ordered an item on ebay more than a week ago and the seller told me he has shipped my item. I tracked the parcel and found out it has arrived at my local post center on 3rd June. Today it has been more than a week and it has not been delivered to my home address. I took some time off from work and decided to check on my parcel this morning at 9AM. After much searching the friendly postman finally found my parcel in the delivery van as they were going to send it to my house later today. From the first picture, the parcel looks ok...

But when you view it from the side, tell tale signs of damage is evident. I think some heavy load must have been placed on top of my small parcel.

The squashed parcel box looks much more obvious from this side.

My precious Shakugan no SHANA Second figma finally revealed out of the parcel! From this frontal angle the figma looks ok...

But when viewed from the side, the damage is clearly shown.

From the back you can see how badly squashed the box is.

The best angle showing the damage done to my poor Shana figma.

Luckily my Shana figma is still intact inside the box. Might do an in depth review of in the future. My Love For Life experience review rating: 2.5/5 the damage done to the box cannot be undone.

My Love For Life Review

5 Life quote shouts:

Borneo Falcon said...

The packaging box don't seems to be of sturdy material. A good seller will package it in a sturdy box. Singapore Post sold this type of box in their premise

GerBel's Cage said...

Looks like you're having same shipping trouble as I did...My MP3 player was soaking I didn't insure it.... At least it was sealed.... Glad your items were not destroyed.

Brian said...

Looks like the shipper messed up on this one. It appears the package wasn't properly packaged. The delay from the post office aside if it had been packaged correctly this wouldn't have happened. First off you don't wrap parcels in paper any more. Placed in the proper box with one piece of tape on the top and bottom this would have arrived safe and sound. Hope the damaged box doesn't diminish the value of your collectible.

xsigns said...

Thanks guys for your feedback. Just a thought, did you guys ever leave low dsr rating on ebay for the seller who didn't pack the items properly before shipping? All the sellers will say its not their fault and blame it on the postal service.

Brian said...

I think I would be more likely to leave positive feedback like "Package arrived in ok condition. Not packaged the best."

I don't think you have much to gain by leaving low dsr ratings and the seller won't know that you left them. The feedback comment they will and perhaps it will spur them to pack it better for the next customer. I don't think I'd leave negative feedback though as the parcel does look like it will be ok.

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