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Figma Yui Hirasawa Delivery Review

I placed my order of Figma Yui Hirawawa on amiami and it finally arrived after 3 weeks of waiting. Here is an overview of the delivery box:

Diagonal view of the delivery box.

Close up on the customs declaration form, CN22.

Open box view. I am amazed on how well my Figma Yui Hirasawa is packed.

This has changed my mind on amiami's packing method as previously they used inferior cardboard boxes. Then again, amiami only pack this well when shipping a single item.

Front view of Figma Yui Hirasawa.

Rear view of Figma Yui Hirasawa.

Facial close up of Figma Yui Hirasawa.

Body close up of Figma Yui Hirasawa.

Overview of the delivery box and content.

This is the first time that I have ordered a single item from Amiami. Usually I would include multiple items in 1 order to save on shipping. Well the important thing is that my Figma Yui Hirasawa arrived in perfect condition.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Figma Yui Hirasawa Delivery Review: 5/5

My Love For Life Review

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