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Dimension 3D Printer Sample Delivery Review

I have always been fascinated by 3D printers. You can create your products on the PC and materialize it on a 3D printer. When I came across a sample request page of a 3D printer manufacturer, I quickly requested one to have a closer look for myself. After waiting for more than 4 weeks, my sample delivery has finally arrived from the US. Here is an overview of the delivery parcel. This is the first time I receive a cylindrical parcel.

Close up on the sender details.

Close up on the postage stamp.

This cylindrical container is quite durable. Perhaps I can re-purpose it later.

Open lid view.

Overview of the contents of the cylindrical container.

A color info sheet on Dimension 3D printers.

Rear view close up of the color info sheet.

Here is the sample print out of the 3D printer. Its made of durable ABS plastic, which is the same material used in toys. Nice.

Rear view of the 3D sample.

Close up view of the 3D sample. Notice the texture on the surface of the sample.

Side view of the 3D sample.

Turns out the 3D sample has a removable cap, which makes it a mini container.

Closeup on the opening of the 3D sample.

Overview of the packing material and the content.

Even though 3D printers are still way beyond my affordability zone, it amazing what they are capable of. The 3d sample is really intricate and durable as well.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Dimension 3D Printer Sample Delivery Review: 5/5

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