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Dragon Keychain And Compass Keychain Delivery Review

I grew tired with my old key chain which came with my car. Sure it is functional but it is a round piece of plastic with the details of the car dealer. I wanted something that would give a boost to my luck. After browsing through ebay and sorting the results ascendingly from the lowest priced items to the most expensive, I have decided to get not 1 but 2 keychains. Each started with the initial bid price of USD0.99 and with free shipping, which suits a cheapskate like me just fine. You will have to read the rest of the post to find out how much I ended up paying for them though.

Here is the delivery envelope which arrived after 2 weeks from posting.

Rear view of the envelope which has the CN22 customs declaration form affixed.

Closeup of the customs declaration form CN22. Well folks from the photo you can see I paid USD3 for both key chains with free shipping.

Closeup on the Singapore postage stamp. Now this is weird. I remember the seller listed the items location in China but the envelope is clearly sent from Singapore. Oh well.

My 2 key chains finally out of the envelope.

The first is actually a compass key chain. The compass is functional but I do notice a slight discoloring on the gold paint on the sides of the compass though.

The second is my metal dragon key chain. This is the one I will be using to (hopefully) boost my luck. Wish me luck finding my other half soon guys!

Overview of the Dragon Keychain And Compass Key Chain Delivery.

Totally satisfied with the delivery this time. Cheap price, free shipping and OK quality items.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Dragon Keychain And Compass Keychain Delivery Review: 5/5

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