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Jade Gourd & Pink Jade Beads Bracelets Delivery Review

Here is another round of my jade order delivery review. I won these items on ebay and it took roughly over 2 weeks for them to arrive from China. Here is an overview of the beat up delivery envelope.

Back view of the envelope. It looks like it was torn open then taped back.

Close up on the customs declaration form, CN22.

There is an ink stamp which barely reads "Received in this condition".

Here is an overview of the contents of the envelope.

First up is the Jade Gourd amulet or hanging trinket.

Close up on the Jade Gourd hanging trinket.

Next is the Pink Jade Beads bracelets.

Close up on the pink heart jade bead.

Each of them comes with a jewelry bag as shown in the photo.

Here is another overview of the delivery and its contents.

The envelope has been torn slightly and taped back. It might not be evident but the Jade Gourd suffered minor scratches at one side probably due to impact.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Jade Gourd & Pink Jade Beads Bracelets Delivery Review: 2/5

My Love For Life Review

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